Telephone Systems

NEC SV8100/8300



Effective and Reliable Communication

In today's highly competitive business environment, effective and reliable communication is critical to the success of your business. Providing the latest Voice over Internet ProtocoI (VoIP) technology and comprehensive desktop solutions that deliver superior performance, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability when and where you need it, is key to survival and growth in today's information-driven business environment. With over a 100 years of building powerful communication and technology solutions, NEC understands the numerous and ever changing demands and challenges that exist in today's growing market. NEC accepts these challenges and meets the customer's demands for a connected world - head on!

The Strength of NEC Leveraged to your Advantage

NEC leverages its strengths to bring forth innovations, and to integrate those innovations into new products that will provide seamless communications, customer satisfaction and manageability throughout your organization. This powerful combination of innovative design, high quality assurance, and maximum integrated solutions creates a converged business environment and a highly competitive advantage.

Your Winning Strategy

NEC offers a winning strategy for their customers, empowering them to take advantage of new opportunities, and trust that they have invested in a sound communication server for today and tomorrow.



Versatility, Innovation, and Business Continuity

At the core of UNIVERGE UM8500 is a powerful voice mail, unified messaging, and auto-attendant system.  It porvides users with the ability to access and manage their voice messages, fax, and e-mail from a desktop PC, through a touch-tone telephone, or over the Internet.  The UNIVERGE UM8500 advanced unifed messaging features provide users access to voice messages, e-mail, and fax messages when and where they need it.

UNIVERGE UM8500 provides three competitive advantages:

  • Versatility supports growth and individual customer requirements.  Unified messaging and communications through scalable solutions that leverage existing investments and infrastructures.Centralization reduces complexity and allows business adaptation, and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Innovation with key applications that provide increases in productivity and operational output.  These applications provide benefits to Tradition, Enhanced, and Role-Enabled Users.
  • Business Continuity delivered with dependabilty and survivability, it is an implicit part of the UNIVERGE UM8500 solution.  This includes capabilities for Networking, RAID, and/or Clustering with performance and reliability features, improved tools for management, and deployment.


Contact Phone Works today for more information on how your business can take adavantage of the UNIVERGE UM8500 feature enhancements, advanced appplications, and the capbilities of IP integrations.                                              We are available at 208-336-6666



Music on Hold

Did you know that the average US business receives 128 calls per day, and the average exec spends 60hrs per year on hold? Combine that with the fact that 94% of all marketing budgets are spent getting customers to call, but only 6% to handle those calls once they are received.

Why would you spend money on marketing and to give your valuable customers something to listen to while on hold?

Why Music On Hold?


  • 7 out of 10 callers are placed on hold
  • The average executive spends 15 minutes a day on hold
  • The average caller is on hold for 45 seconds
  • 90% of callers prefer messages on-hold over silence or radio


  • Reduce caller hang up
  • Generated product service awareness to callers
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Inexpensive advertising vs. other media (print, yellow pages, radio, etc.)

Why a digital player?

Combine on-hold with the latest in digital technology:

  • Reliable, solid state system
  • Removable USB Flash drive memory
  • Non-proprietary MP3 audio playback
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Small, compact and user friendly
  • PC/MAC Compatible