Service Desk

Phone Works technicians are ready to assist you with your phone system services, programming and repairs.

  • Specializing in the installation of NEC business phone systems for all types of businesses
  • Factory Trained Technicians with years of practical fields experience that will confidently meet the needs of your phone system
  • Implementing phone system programming to meet your changing business environment
  • Quick and professional response times to your service requests
  • Remote administration of your phone system to reduce service costs
  • Also specializing in the repair, upgrade and parts for the Panasonic DBS Phone System


For service request, please call:
(208) 336-6666

Or E-Mail:

Sales Desk


(208) 336-6666




Toshiba Training

NEC Training

Need a refresher? NEC has a wonderful tool to help you with the most popular functions of your phone system..

Simply click on the "NEC Aspire Interactive Training" link and mouse over the menu and pick the function that best defines what you would like to do. You will be guided through the whole interactive process of the function right on your screen.

NEC User Guides

Would you rather have a printable Instruction guide? Click on the NEC Book and download the PDF file for your printing.

NEC Aspire manual (for all models)
Download (pdf 1,299k)

NEC UX5000 User Guide
Download (pdf)
NEC UX5000 Feature Handbook
Download (pdf)